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The Karavans masthead photograph was taken by Colorado mountain biker and photographer Timmy Pitschka.

Recommended Viewing

The following are highly recommended documentaries for anyone interested in transitioning back to citizen from mere consumer.

End of Suburbia

Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream

This film exposes the denial we are living in when it comes to energy and our society. I have showed this to all our friends and they have had the same reaction. The age of cheap energy, i.e. crude oil, and natural gas, is coming to an end. There is a finite amount of both and we are using up the shrinking reserves at record paces. There is no energy plan for this eventuality, just like our lack of a plan in New Orleans. As the world's reserves dwindle, oil will be harder and more expensive to extract. Our energy prices will skyrocket as we compete with China and India for less and less supply. There is a stunning array of products we take for granted that are made from oil, like plastic. And don't forget, our cities are set up for commuting from suburbs to places of work. This is a great film. It avoids becoming shrill, and doesn't rely on any conspiracy theories. There are just scientists and industry professionals telling us what they already know.

                                              Amazon Reviewer Steve Spitsnogle

DVD Release Date:  2004
Run Time:  78 minutes

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The Corporation
When Big Business Runs Amok

Plot Outline: Documentary that looks at the concept of the corporation throughout recent history up to its present-day dominance.

Plot Synopsis: Since the late 18th century American legal decision that the business corporation organizational model is legally a person, it has become a dominant economic, political and social force around the globe. This film takes an in-depth psychological examination of the organization model through various case studies. What the study illustrates is that in the its behavior, this type of "person" typically acts like a dangerously destructive psychopath without conscience. Furthermore, we see the profound threat this psychopath has for our world and our future, but also how the people with courage, intelligence and determination can do to stop it.

DVD Release Date: April 5, 2005
Run Time: 145 min (original theatrical or airing runtime)

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Inside the Fox News Network

For the first time ever, this documentary reveals the secrets of Former Fox news producers, reporters, bookers and writers who expose what it's like to work for Fox News. These former Fox employees talk about how they were forced to push a "right-wing" point of view or risk their jobs. Some have even chosen to remain anonymous in order to protect their current livelihoods. As one employee said "There's no sense of integrity as far as having a line that can't be crossed."

"Outfoxed" examines how media empires, led by Rupert Murdoch's Fox News, have been running a "race to the bottom" in television news. This film provides an in-depth look at Fox News and the dangers of ever-enlarging corporations taking control of the public's right to know.

"Outfoxed" first examines media mogul Rupert Murdoch and the Australian company, News Corp., tracing how the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) helped Murdoch break the rules to establish a fourth network in the United States. The film explores Murdoch's burgeoning kingdom and the impact on society when a broad swath of media is controlled by one person.

Media experts, including Walter Cronkite, Jeff Cohen (FAIR), Bob McChesney and Chellie Pingree, provide context and guidance for the story of Fox News and its effect on society.

The team behind "Outfoxed" created a system to monitor Fox News 24 hours a day for months to discover exactly how its shows worked. A team of volunteers around the country scrutinized every hour of Fox News programming, noting examples of bias in its coverage. The result is an intense examination of Fox News and the lie inherent in its favorite motto: "Fair and Balanced."

DVD Release Date: July 13, 2004
Run Time: 78 min (original theatrical or airing runtime)

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The DVD version of the book

This DVD is a "talking head" narrative by Richard Heinberg. Heinberg summarizes the key points from his books on peak oil (Powerdown and The Party's Over). If you've read either of these books, you'll find the DVD material familiar and the presentation concise. I have found that for friends and family who are unaware of the peak oil implications and not necessarily willing to read a book on the subject, the DVD is an excellent way to introduce them to the subject.

The video quality of the DVD is fine. There are frequent quick cuts as Heinberg speaks which I initially found mildly distracting but soon was able to ignore. I assume it was the DVD producer's attempt to keep the spoken narrative concise--perhaps they editing out most of the "umms" and other pauses you'd expect in the spoken word. In any case the video and sound quality is good.

Some unique content on the DVD includes Heinberg explaining how he and his family personally are preparing to the transition to a more energy-poor future, including where they chose to live, and the even the kinds of plants they have in their back yard. In fact this scene was filmed in his back yard.

For Heinberg fans, this DVD will be an excellent addition to your library and you may find it especially helpful in introducing the subject of peak oil to others.
                                                         Amazon reviewer C Chatfield

DVD Release Date: n/a
Run Time: n/a


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