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Be Prepared for Emergencies
Protect your loved ones and yourself

Executive 72-hour Kit with Solar Upgrade

We take pride in every kit we made. Our Executive 72 Hour Survival Kit has been designed to provide maximum protection for you and your loved one when disaster strikes. All the survival basics are covered, including food, water, shelter, first-aid, light, heat, sanitation, communication, and more. Comes packed in a premium quality, heavy-duty nylon backpack so that everything is easily accessible when you need it and has plenty of extra room inside for a light jacket and spare set of comfortable walking shoes.

Over the years we have kept improving this kit. It gets better & better. Our customers have told us that they selected our Executive 72 Hour Survival Kit for its compact size (easily fits in any car or truck), ease of carrying, quality of the components, and very attractive price. Weight was also a major consideration for us when developing this deluxe kit. Not so much for guys, but for women and teen age children. At under 20 lbs., this kit is easily meets this standard. Why not order one for home and work! Weight: 20 lbs

Here are some highlights of what you'll get in this kit:

Premium Quality Water Resistant Nylon Backpack
with padded Shoulder Straps
Heavy-Duty Tube Tent Shelter
Deluxe Knucklemender™ 60 item First-Aid Kit
5 Year Shelf-Life Cookie Flavored Food Rations
5 Year U.S. Coast Guard Water Rations
Emergency Space® Blankets
36 Hour Light/Heat Candle
Protective Leather Gloves & Dust Masks
Quality AM/FM Radio


Warmth & Shelter
2 - Compact Emergency USA Made Space® Blankets
1 - Deluxe Heavy-Duty Tube Tent
2 - Emergency Rain/Wind Ponchos Cooking, Heating, & Light
1 - 36 hr. Emergency Candle
1 - Industrial "AA" Size Flashlight with Batteries
2 - Pair of Hand/Pocket Warmer Heat-Paks
1 - 12 hr. Instant Lightstick
1 - Box of Waterproof Matches (45 matches) Water & Hygiene Items
24 - Purified Drinking Water Pouches (4.2 ounces each)
18 - Wet-Wipe Packets
2 - Compact Sanitation/Toilet Toilet Rolls
2 - Disposable Sanitation Bags First-Aid
1 - 60 Item Knuckle Mender II™ First Aid Kit w/ Instruction Book
Food Items
2 - 3600 Calorie Cookie Tasting Ration Bars
1 - Bag of Survival Candy
6 - E-mer'gen-C® Energy Drink Packets Miscellaneous
1 - Premium Heavy Duty Nylon Backpack
1 - 15-Function Swiss Army Style Pocket Knife
1 - Deluxe AM/FM Radio Flashlight w/ Batteries
1 - Emergency Survival Whistle
1 - 50' Nylon Cord
1 - Pair of Leather Gloves (for digging through or clearing debris)
or hand warming in cold weather
1 - Writing Pad, Pencil, and Ink Pen
1 - Deck of Playing Cards (time occupier for kids & adult at shelter or if stuck at work or school. Helps time pass much faster).
2 - Dust Masks

Executive 72-hour Kit with Solar Upgrade

Freeplay Solar Powered Summit Radio
FM, AM, SW, and LW for local and world radio

For a trip to the beach, or a global trek, this stylish, compact radio works anywhere in the world! Covers four radio bands, FM, AM, SW, and LW for local and world radio. It's powered by a rechargeable NiMH battery pack. Charge with the built-in solar panel, or with the built-in dynamo crank (30 seconds of cranking gives about 30 minutes of listening), or with the included AC/DC power adapters, that include world plug adapters.

An indicator light shows optimum charging. Earphone socket included for private listening, or use the built-in speaker. 30 station presets are available; 10 each for AM and FM, 5 each for SW and LW, with precise digital tuning. Supplied with a shortwave antenna, worldwide travel plug adapter, an international shortwave guide, and a very nice travel pouch.

Two-year mfr.'s warranty. Designed in UK, made in China.

Weight: 1.3 lbs.

Size: 6.8"W x 3.5"H x 3.1"D.


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NightStar Flashlight
Simple shaking recharges this revolutionary flashlight

Nightstar Batteryless Flashlight

Simple shaking recharges this revolutionary flashlight. It will always work, and there's a lifetime warranty. The Starlight uses a high output white LED light source and a precision lens. It delivers a 6-foot diameter illumination at a distance of 30 feet, like the glow of a full moon. Shaking the flashlight causes a high-power rare earth magnet to slide back and forth through a coil of wire, generating a small current. This electricity is stored in a capacitor, lighting the LED, and delivering up to five minutes of run time. Double O-ring seals allow use underwater or in severe weather. The casing is virtually indestructible recycled polycarbonate. Weighs 16 oz., measures 11" x 2". Lifetime manufacturer's warranty! Made in USA. Choose Black or Clear.

Warning: Keep light at least 16" away from items sensitive to magnetic fields. The internal magnet is strong enough to wreak havoc w/magnetic storage devices, such as floppy disks, cassette tapes, etc.

Product available and ready to ship.

3 models to choose from.

Click for more info on the NightStar Magnetic Force Flashlight

More products will be added weekly.

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