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What are Solar Powered Chargers?
For Small Personal Devices

What are solar powered chargers and what can they do for you?

Turns sunlight into electricity

A Solar Charger is a device that absorbs light energy through the use of Solar Collectors (Solar Panels) and turns that energy into electricity. This electricity is then used to charge the internal Battery-on-Board. Once the BoB is fully charged, you can use it to charge your electronic digital devices. 

Access to power when and where you need it

How many times has your battery on your Cell Phone or digital device run-out at the most inconvenient time? As long as there is indoor/ outdoor have access to power.

Lighten Up

Imagine, not having to carry additional batteries for all of your digital devices. One Solar Charger enables you to charge your Cell Phone, PDA, MP3, CD Player, Gaming Device and Digital Camera.
Clean Energy Source

Utilizing the power of the sun, helps the environment by producing no pollutants. Solar Energy systems can typically cut greenhouse gas emissions as effectively as 45+ trees.

Solar Style Chargers
These are the top selling models

Whether it's for work, travel, or fun, staying connected and informed is important. These small economically priced chargers keep your personal devices running. Set yourself free from the cost, wires, and hassle of rechargeable or bulky backup batteries. Take the final step in true mobility with the only real mobile power source. The Sun. Solar Style.

They make excellent gifts for students, business-people, travellers, and anyone interested in reducing their dependency on the grid.

SC017- Charger

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SC002-Charger FULL KIT

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SC003-Charger FULL KIT

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SC007- Portable Power, Flashlight & Radio

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