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The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth... We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.
                               -John Swinton, speech given while working for the New York Sun, 1880

Jeff Vail on Rhizome Communications
Hierarchical Structures vs. Rhizome Networks

Jeff Vail has written about the costs of hierarchical power structures and how they arise over time in almost every sphere of life from politics to business to religion. He sees the antidote to hierarchy as the rhizome network. The term refers to the  horizontal and usually underground stem which sends out roots and shoots from its nodes in dozens, if not hundreds, of directions. The Internet is the perfect example of the liberating potential of a rhizome communications network.

Read Jeff's essay Rhizome, Communication, and Our “One-Time Shot”. Then read his free 60 page ebook title A Theory of Power.
It's available for download in the top right corner of his site.

Newspapers are Mainframes
Are newspapers headed for extinction in the era of rhizome networks?

Venture capitalist Peter Rip sees many similarities between mainframes of old which were replaced by personal computers and today's newspapers

"The recent travails at Knight Ridder are getting a lot of attention (NYT, Jeff Jarvis) of late. Some believe we are beginning the death march for newspapers and old media. "

Read the article here.

Stay tuned for more stories of how people are regaining control of their news media.

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