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Additional Food Resources
Moving towards self-sufficiency in food
These are recommended online resources--presented in no particular order.

Journey to Forever
Site covers organic gardening.

International Seed Saving Institute

Saving seeds, seed-saving education, and permaculture as reaction to the terminator seeds.

Grow Biointensive
A Sustainable Solution to Growing Food

The Beastly Life With Sally Eckhoff
Working Animals

Self-sufficiency in Style
Self-sufficiency need not all be crankiness and mud, manure, muck, and mystery

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities
Roof top gardening

Wise Food Ways
Wise Food Ways create community, restore relationship, and help us remember a pace of life that includes cooking and eating at home in the joyful presence of friends and extended family.

Foods Not Lawns
We work together toward an ecologically, socially, and perpetually thriving bioregion, using theories and techniques derived from permaculture, kinship gardening, ecological design, and biodynamics.

The Case for Local Food
by Helena Norberg-Hodge Director, ISEC

Sustainable Living Systems
The Western Cultural Heritage Institute (a program of Sustainable Living Systems) is an educational permaculture community in the Bitterroot Valley of western Montana, demonstrating an environmentally responsible approach to food production, shelter and collective living. 

Powering Down
A discussion on peak oil with an emphasis on RELOCALIZATION as a response for North Carolina and the greater Southeast. Covers growing food.

Guerilla Gardening

MML Brand

More resources will be added as discovered.

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